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Living Wheat-Free For Dummies

It is undeniable that obesity and diabetes rates are soaring.  In fact, rates have been on a rapid acceleration since the early 1970’s.  Coincidentally, that is when the recommendations to eat more grains and reduce fat intake were implemented on a nationwide level.  We are on a collision course with disaster from both a health perspective and the costs associated with treatment.

Living Wheat-Free for Dummies explores why wheat and other grains are one of the biggest contributors to the obesity epidemic.  Along with refined sugar and vegetable oils, Living Wheat-Free for Dummies explains the how and why of these toxic substances and lays out a foundation of eating that should be the basis for whatever dietary lifestyle you choose to follow.

Whether your goal is weight loss or wanting to optimize your health and feel the best you can, the dietary guidelines in this book will help you accomplish your goals. Those familiar with the Dummies series will recognize the easy to understand approach without compromising on content.

Living Wheat-Free for Dummies explains what the wheat-free lifestyle looks like and how to smoothly transition into this new dietary way of living.  Whether you suffer from a wheat allergy, intolerance to grains, or just want to cut out inflammation-causing foods from your diet, this book gives you the tools and tips to improve overall health.

  • 40-plus delicious, easy recipes that are free of wheat/grains, sugar, and vegetable oils
  • Explanation to why grains, sugar, and vegetable oils cause inflammation and why they should be avoided
  • Help with stocking a wheat/grain-free kitchen
  • Guidelines for dining out wheat/grain-free
  • Exercise programs for all levels that maximize weight loss efforts and optimize health
  • Practical techniques for making the lifestyle a permanent change
  • Guidance regarding medical testing to monitor your progress

If you are looking to maximize your health by adopting a wheat/grain-free diet, this hands-on, friendly guide has you covered.

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