How Doctors Can Learn From Electricians

Scenario #1:  The lamp in my bedroom stops working.  I change the bulb.  Still not working.  As it turns out, the alarm clock on the other side of my bed isn’t working either. Unplugged it and plugged it back in, still not working.

An electrician, or someone with a bit of knowledge on the subject, understands that the two outlets are connected in some way. To find the source of the problem, we go back to the main breaker box, the commonality between the two outlets, and check the fuse. Sure enough, there lies the answer to our problem. A tripped breaker and problem solved.

Scenario #2:  We complain about rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor prescribes a drug for the symptoms. We complain about issues related to thyroid. The doctor prescribes a drug for the symptoms. Much like the electrical outlets, the arthritis and the thyroid issues are connected…in this case, they’re both autoimmune in nature. Their “breaker box” is leaky gut. Fix the gut and autoimmune diseases diminish immensely if not completely go away.

This is not what is currently happening in the real world. These connected diseases are being treated individually even though we know people that have one autoimmune disease have a very high occurrence of having another.

If electricians followed the practices of our current medical system, they would replace the outlet, replace the lamp and alarm clock, anything to directly address the symptoms without getting to the root of the problem. That is not how electrical issues or our bodies should be handled.

Understand that what your gut is exposed to whether it’s poor nutrition, pathogens, or environmental toxins will determine your long term health as well as your daily quality of life.